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GOLD Prospectors Hand Dredge's

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   US Patent 9,273,677 B2 

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Dry Vac for Gold Model 625 Hand Dredge Atmospheric Gauge TestModel 625 Hand Dredge Black Sand Classic 
  1) Dry Vac   2) Atmospheric Gauge Test  3) The Classic "Rocks of Magnetite Sand"                                       
Gravity Trap Hand Dredging with Model 625 HD P 
Experimental Gravity Trap Concentrator Click Picture for YouTube video.
 Model 625 HD P You Tube 32 gallon performance test pumping video demo at rates of 30+ gallons per minute or 1800 GPH. 
  Click Picture for more info
hand dredge bilge style model 625 hd p Model 625 HD P Gold Hand Dredge pump body with the Bilge Pump Kit: 24" Telescope piping assembly, discharge valve with 90 Degree swivel elbow, 6 feet of hand dredge/bilge hand pump hose.
   Model 2125 NSF HDP 2" Gold Hand Dredge 
   Short Version: Patent Attorney and Alternately
 Click to Shop M2125 NSF HDP 2 inch Gold Hand Dredge M2125 HDP
       Long Version: Hollowed Out, Patent Attorney, Alternately and Retrofitting a Tee Dredge
 Pictured below: Click any picture
 M625 HDP w/ 2" dia. hose, M625 HD w/ 2" dia. hose, M625 HDP (basic) and M625 HD (basic)
  New! ZenCart tools to redesign and build complete GOLD hand dredges.   
gold hand dredge with 3 feet of 2 inch hose    gold hand dredge model 625 hd 3 feet of 2 inch dia hose hand dredge model 625 hd p basic gold hand dredge model 625 hd basic
Pictured below:
M625 HDP Bilge Pump w/2" dia. hose, M625 HD Bilge Pump (basic) and M625 HDP Bilge Pump (basic)
hand dredge bilge pump m625 hdp  hand dredge m625 hdbpb hand dredge m625 hdp bilge pump basic Kayak Bilge Pump Model 625 HDP
  Gold Hand Dredge Model 2125 HD Model 2125 HD Gold Hand Dredge DVD Video  M2125 HD True 2 GOLD Hand Dredge DVD
Watch M2125 HD True 2" Sample Video below


   YouTube Video  clip from video of nozzles Model 625 HDP hand dredge in Subsurface Action. Awesome suction and discharge action showing 3 1/2" with 1/2" mesh seive nozzle and 1 1/2" steel lined restrictor nozzles at work feeding the sluice.

Golden Sniffer Hand Dredge  hand dredge (video 1) and Golden Sniffer crevice dredge crevice dredge (video 2)  are Model 625 HD hand powered GOLD dredge's, indispensable as prospecting tool's for the mining of gold bearing gravel's from  any creek, stream or river being prospected. 
    The stealthy design allows for compact storage, assembles quickly or carries as is. Versatality is a plus, the slip fit design allows for a wide array of configurations,
attachments can easily  be "plumbed" in.  
   Whether it's high volume
production hand dredging, suctioning out crevices, quickly filling 5 gallon buckets, or as pictured a 1 gallon concentrator Golden Sniffer hand dredge with 1 gal bottle  bottle (video 3) with stream bed material to be panned or sluiced, the Model 625 HD can meet the demand.
    How many times has someone regretted not bringing a cordless vacuum, and extra battery's or abused other equipment to try and make do, in a dry environment? Regret no more with the Model 625 in the
Dry Vacuum configuration
   For a more detailed description of Specifications and Technical Data visit
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How is your M2125 or M625 being used?